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Sometimes, people need help in staying connected with their friends and family during times when they are incarcerated. Prison pay is generally quite low (or non-existent) compared to the costs of maintaining a phone account. Also, in many cases inmates are charged exorbitant rates for outgoing calls to their loved ones, which may make it difficult for them to maintain these critical emotional connections with the world outside of prison walls. ContactMeAsap helps mitigate those feeling of being disconnected by offering a robust communication tool. We like to call it our “Connection Tool”.

It can be difficult for a justice involved person to contribute to their family's emotional needs. A perceived lack of purpose in life can take a serious toll on anyone's psychological well-being while being entangled in the justice system.

Having the ability to send high-quality messages with photos can make all the difference in an inmate's journey. These photos become a focal point to make them feel connected to home. It helps keep them buoyant and optimistic in their daily activities. It gives them something to look forward to. It breaks up the monotony

Be creative! The more creative you can be, the more exciting it is for your loved one. If you have children make it a game! Who ever comes up with the best photo idea wins a prize ( think: “doesn’t have to do dishes for a week”) Don’t hold back. Dare to have fun!

Accept only the best messaging service ContactMeAsap we care about your family and friends' emotional well-being. Providing “Connection” through our unparalleled quality of service makes the inmate feel much more a part of the daily life of their loved ones through photographs and messages. Check out our “photo ideas library” for great ideas to send to your justice-entangled loved one.

We as members of society need to support our incarcerated loved ones with access to talk to friends and family. Provide them with photos of family members and friends.

Contact Me ASAP

ContactMeAsap is the leader in inmate text message services. We not only provide the ability for your inmate to send messages to any approved contact via text, but we also even let you text photos to that number. Delivering reliable text message services is essential to friends, family, and, most importantly, the inmate.

We will securely deliver this message to the corrlinks correctional system. Through agreements with multiple phone carriers, we can deliver unlimited messages right to the cell phone of the inmates' approved contact list at the facility they are in.

Keeping in touch with your loved one currently incarcerated can be challenging without an inmate telephone service. For instance, sending your husband, wife, brother, sister, or child a text message or a text message with photos would be the easiest way to keep in touch with a loved one. Unfortunately, they do not allow prisoners to have that kind of telephone technology or electronic messaging. The primary reason is that an inmate telephone is not permitted.

Using “video visitation” through a remote video system like Securus video would be another option, but at many facilities this is not an option for inmates.

Inmate messaging systems are limited to telephone calls and hard-to-use corrlinks, and you must have a phone account to make calls from the prison. In terms of sending texts, our system helps quickly facilitate that communication.

Having a ContactMeAsap account is the solution to sending your messages. We are a high-quality service that understands the actual needs of a messaging app that does not cut corners.

Our trained photo lab team works six days per week to ensure that you will get your photos. We use a Fujifilm LP5700 minilab, one of the leaders in offering “Photo Lab Quality” REAL photos, NOT cheap laser printer photos. Your photos will come on time, and most importantly, we package in packing materials that are B.O.P approved.

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